In the late eighties to the early nineties, the first cameras were made available. However, only a few people could have access to them, something that birthed the photography business. At the time, the only way to get a decent photo was to book an appointment with the local photographer so you can have a few memoirs for your loved ones. Fast forward to the present day and we have a camera in every hand thanks to smart technology. However, even with all these, there is still a need for professional photography when it comes to milestones in our lives such as births, weddings and funerals.

1. What is the ideal age for a photoshoot?

There are two kinds of baby photography. A lot of people like the cute newborn photos of babies in headbands swaddled in blankets. This kind of shoots usually take place in studios in the first two weeks of a baby's life. At the time, they are still very sleepy and curled up almost the same way they were in the womb which makes for cute photos. An outdoor shoot would require for a baby to be a bit older. Maybe six months. This helps to keep the baby safe and healthy from harsh weather. For example, an outdoor shoot in Melbourne would be discouraged in the June-September period.

2. When should you book your session?

With the rise of baby and newborn photography, it is safe to say that you should book it as early as you possibly can. Most people book their sessions as early as the beginning of their second trimester. The take home here is, better safe than sorry. If you aren't sure where you should book then you should check out this baby photographer who specialise in newborn photography, their site displays a wonderful portfolio of intimate and beautiful newborns.

3. What should a baby wear to a photo shoot?

A lot of the time, parents make the mistake of carrying, not just clothes, but bulky clothes to a studio newborn photoshoot. Usually, all you need is diapers since most baby photographers have a collection of swaddle blankets.

However, you should bring a change of clothes for yourself because, let's face it, if you the one holding a naked baby in the family pictures, there is a high chance of an accident happening which could ruin your pictures. You should also pack extra wipes, a pacifier, extra bottles and any special toys and blankets you would want included in the photos.

4. How long do photo shoots take?"

Typically, a baby shoot takes anywhere from two to four hours. This depends on whether it is simply going to be a newborn shoot or if the session is going to include family photography or a maternity shoot. Because Melbourne has so many stunning locations close by travel time to the right location may not take long at all however capturing that perfect family photo moment could take a couple of hours, for more information about family photography check out this website. For a lifestyle shoot which usually takes place in the family home, two hours should be enough to see the work through.

5. What more do you need to be prepared as a parent?

One of the things that parents find themselves doing is not trusting the photographer. You, as the parent, should be able to understand that professional photographers have seen it all. Happy babies, cranky babies and everything in between. However, most parents make the mistake of always rushing in to comfort their babies when they cry only does more harm than good. The child ends up being more distressed while if the parents had just been patient for just a little longer, the photographer could have managed to comfort the baby just fine. So, be prepared to let the photographer play the parenting role for a while.